Just need a little help on the day of the event?  Or are you completely overwhelmed by the thought of even starting the planning?  Don't need any help, just a few items to rent?  We can help!
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    Planning Your Event
    From the time you decide that you have an event to the minute the party starts, we are with you every step of the way. Helping you to not only make decisions, but to know what decisions need to be made. We'll help you think of every little detail so that nothing comes as a surprise during your event.
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    Rental Equipment and Decor for Your Event
    Whether it's AV equipment you need or customized signs and centerpieces, we can make your space look beautiful.
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    Coordinating Your Event
    Everyone deserves to enjoy the event that he or she put so much time and effort into planning. Often times, the last minute problems and on the spot decisions of the event steal the event away from the person who poured all of the love into it. Let us handle all of the details and little emergencies that arise. Your only job? Enjoy the event!
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience working with an awesome wedding and event planning team.  Many believe that a wedding or event planner is just not within the reach of their budget, and that's where we come in.  We could just offer you a simple pricelist, but to be honest, we are so much more than just a pricelist.  We can create a customized plan that keeps the vision you have for your event while tailoring it for your budget.  
Because, let's be real; everyone is on a budget.  But this is where our creativity really shines!  Beauty can happen at any price point, you just have to have a team that is willing to think outside the box to make your event as unique as you are.